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Year on year, there’s a multitude of people set out with their New Year resolutions, made to improve their life for the better. The following year comes around, and it’s the same resolutions being made, after a failed attempt the year before.

Maybe you can relate to any of the following goals:

  • Improve your relationships
  • Better your business
  • Stop swearing as much
  • Boost your wealth
  • Lose some weight
  • Quit the cigarettes

Whatever your goals in life are, chances are you’ve at some point set out to change something in your life for the better.

Of course, those are just examples, but the main point is that to encourage change into your life, you have to understand the power that lies in your subconscious mind. It’s what shapes your conscious mind and provides room for change.

Many a person believes that their thinking process is only what they envision. That’s only on a conscious level though. Behind your conscious mind lies a field full of empty space, and it’s up to you fill that void with the dreams you have, and create an imaginary vision that will lay the pathway for the future you want.

That empty space can only be filled with your imagination. That’s the ultimate power of the subconscious mind.

It knows no boundaries.

The main difference between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind is reality.

Consciously, your mind can differentiate between what’s realistic and what’s not. Your subconscious mind doesn’t have that capability.

Your subconscious mind is most active in childhood

Since your subconscious mind is actively working with your  imagination, it’s during your early years, that it’s most influential. If your school teacher tells you repeatedly that you’re never going to amount to whatever you want to be, then chances are you won’t.

The more you’re subjected to a repeated message, the more ingrained that message is in your subconscious mind. It shapes your thinking process, and the only way to change it is by understanding how your mind works subconsciously, and then learning how to quieten down the thoughts from your conscious mind, to allow room for your subconscious thoughts to come through.

That’s how the subconscious mind works to shape your conscious thinking process.

Imagine! The ultimate tool to unleash the master powers within us all.

How do you tap into your subconscious mind?


As the messages we hear in our early childhood are ingrained into our subconscious minds, thus shaping our futures, the only way there is to alter those messages, is to tap back into the subconscious mind to alter the messages that’s been stored there subliminally, over the course of your life.

Things you will have forgotten about, will still be affecting your thinking patterns.

You can change that by the exact steps that shaped your life in the first place.

  • Repetition

Repeated exposure to the same messages is buried in your memory bank at a subconscious level. If you’ve heard you’ll never amount to becoming whatever it is you dreamt about in the past, and haven’t achieved it, it’s time to alter the messages stored in your memory bank.

That’s done through any number of techniques that let you access your subconscious mind.

  • Meditation is the main one
  • There’s also hypnosis
  • Subliminal messages is another technique you could use

All 3 require a form of repetition and that’s the ultimate key to ingraining whatever messages you want your subconscious mind to store.

Whatever information you hold in there, is what will influence your conscious mind. When that happens, that’s when you’ll start to notice subtle changes in your behaviour, thinking, and the decisions you make.

Your thoughts will be shaped from a subconscious level, as even though you feel you aren’t thinking about it…at a subconscious level, you really are thinking about your best interests and what will ultimately lead you to the goals you set out to achieve.

Your subconscious mind is more powerful than your conscious mind is aware of. It knows no boundaries and can’t tell reality from fiction. What you put in your field of imagination, is reality to the subconscious mind, and that will then take ideas subliminally and communicate those to your conscious mind, turning imagination into reality, and putting you in full control of your own destiny.

That’s the power of the subconscious mind, and by learning how to access it, you’ll be taking the first steps towards achieving whatever goals in life you want to achieve.

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